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Are you ready to spruce up your home? Adding an accent wall can bring a room to life. Whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen, there are a lot of options to create that perfect pop of excitement in your Saratoga Springs home.  

infographic of accent wall materialsPaint- Paint can go a long way. Painting a solid color on one wall draws the eye to that area. Be bold and willing to try a new color. When deciding on the color take a look around the home to see what colors you already have, and choose a color that will highlight or contrast those existing ones. Be aware that different colors emit a temperature. Consider how the tone fit in with lighting and temperature. 

Wood- Reclaimed wood is a very popular option. Wood can fit into different decorating styles. Wood can also be dressed up and down with paint and other decorations. 

Bonus tip: If you are looking for a way to accent a bedroom wall. A wood accent behind the bed can replace the need for a back board. 

Stone- Stone is a great option for accent. While large slabs of stone look very classy in a bathroom. Small, more unkempt pieces of stone can create a great space in a living area. There can be many places for smooth or rugged stone in a home. 

Tile- Tile comes in so many patterns. There is certainly an option for your home. Tile is a great option when trying to spruce up an existing architectural feature i.e. fireplace. 

Wallpaper- Wallpaper can have immaculate details and bring a design or pattern into your home that would be difficult with paint. For pretty prints or designs wallpaper is a great alternative to paint. 

Bonus tip: If you are renting but want to add an accent wall. Temporary wallpaper is available in tons of styles, colors, and prints. 

After you decide on what material you want to use for your new accent wall there are many options besides a solid wall of color or material. 

Stencils- Use stencils to paint a pattern. There are many places to buy wall stencils or you can make your own. Using tape design a pattern on the wall, paint over it, and after it dries remove the tape revealing the pattern. 

Add Strips- Use a gloss to add strips into paint. This can be a subtle difference that won’t be too loud while still adding a little pop. If you are using wood, arrange the wood to stagger and create a chevron look. 

Pictures and Art- No matter the material underneath, adding a large piece of art or a photo collage can make an accent wall stand out. 

Add in bookshelves- Bookshelves can frame a wall whether or not it has a print on it. 

Create a mural- Paint, wallpaper, and other stencils can be good options for bringing a mural to life. Simple shapes or full artworks can be really stunning.