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August 15th is National Relaxation Day! Who knew? Saratoga Chem-Dry is here to give you a few ideas of ways you can celebrate a day full of relaxation!

Read a Book

A good book can carry you into a far away place. Whether you like a romantic, a mystery, or a simple self-help taking time to read can get your mind active. This day full of relaxation has gifted you a few moments of peace to read what you want. Breath it in!

Use a Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs come in all sizes and scents! Buy a new scent for this wonderful day or use one you have been saving for a special occasion. A few quiet minutes alone in the bath can go a long way.

Enjoy a Face Mask 

Face masks are the poster children for relaxation. There are a variety of face masks to choose from at a local grocer or if you are feeling up for an adventure try out a DIY mask. Face masks can be a quick fix of relaxation for your special day.

Order Take-Out (Pizza is always a hit)

Does everyone else have as hard of time as we do trying to plan what to have for dinner? Make it easier on yourself and order take out, better yet get it delivered! Just remember this is a day to relax so enjoy the effortless food and avoid dishes at all costs!

Hire a Cleaner 

What is worse than trying to relax and realizing your home is a disaster? Find a local cleaner and let them freshen up your home for you. As for your carpets, here at Saratoga Chem-Dry we love providing a variety of services to get your home cleaner in a timely manner. Let us do the carpet cleaning while you relax.