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Are you getting the itch to redecorate? It happens to all of us! The good news is we do not have to go out and spend a fortune on new everything. Thrift stores are full of gems waiting to be uncovered by a creative mind. We have 3 easy to diy, thrift store finds, that will help you transform your home into something you love! 


Having a well lit room can transform a living space to look larger and cleaner. Lamps come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Lamps are a great thrift store buys because it is not difficult to update them to fit into your personal decorating style. With a little spray paint and a new lamp shade the whole lamp can look brand new. You can design exactly what kind of light feature you want in a living space. 


wall hangings of all shapes, sizes, and colors

Wall Hangings

Picture frames and other art can be used for a lot more than their original purpose. Paint can transition an old boring picture frame to a beautiful centerpiece in a living room. These frames can hold family photos or other thrift store art. Buying a variety of sizes to hang up side by side can add a new exciting element to your home. Thrift stores will have all kinds of options, simply decide on what kind of wall gallery you want and start searching! 


Thrift stores also have an array of upholstery. If you are in the market for a new couch local thrift stores can have many options of style and color. The price for thrift store couches are generally more affordable than buying brand new! Some thrift store couches may be older or more well-used than others, that is why Saratoga Chem-Dry is happy to come clean all upholstery to make it feel brand new to you!