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Whether you are building a home for the first time, working on a major remodeling project, or are just ready for something new in your home, choosing a flooring option is a big decision. With so many options out there, it is important to make the right choice for your budget, for your health, and for those you love. Check out all of the reasons that carpet is the best flooring option for your home!

  • Carpet acts as an air filter. Dirt and dust get trapped in your carpet, rather than getting filtered back through the air. That means that just by existing, your carpet is working hard for you!

Carpet Saratoga Springs

  • Carpet is a great insulator, and can keep your house nice and warm, so you can turn down the heat.

  • Having carpet on your floor also muffles noise, which makes it great for anyone who hates being deafened by loud noises. Because carpet prevents echoes, it can also improve your experience with a sound system, as it stops sound waves from bouncing off the ground and interfering with one another.

  • Carpet is safer than harder surfaces; it is gentle on joints, and it is less painful than  hardwood or tile in the case of slips and falls. Whether you have a little guy just learning to walk, or you yourself are prone to clumsiness, we could all use a little more softness in our lives. Plus, carpet is less slippery in the first place, so it’s less likely that anyone will fall in the first place.

  • Carpets also cost much less than other types of flooring, so it is a cost-effective way to make your home look and feel beautiful.

  • Carpet won’t crack or split like tile or hardwood flooring, meaning that maintaining your carpet flooring is more worry-free

  • Carpet looks great! With so many colors, textures, and styles available, you can find beautiful carpet that perfectly matches the aesthetic that you are looking for in your home. 

  • Carpet can also be an eco-friendly choice. Not only are you using less wood from trees, but many carpets are made with eco-friendly material, and there are plenty of low-VOC options, which protect your home and the environment. What more could you want?

When it comes time to clean your carpet, give Saratoga Chem-Dry a call! We can help protect your investment and keep your home healthy and clean. Schedule an appointment today!